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My Teacher cannot see my assignment submitted via Google Drive

If you attached a Google (Drive) document to the Assignment dropbox in Buzz, and your teacher cannot see the assignment - it means that the folder or the document has not been shared with the teacher yet. 



To change those permissions, you would follow the steps below: 


  1. On your computer, go to If prompted to do so, kindly log in. 
  2. Locate the file the assignment that your teacher is unable to view. 
  3. Right-click on the file and click on Share.  
  4. One option would be to add the E-Mail of the teacher to the 'Add people and groups' field, hit Enter and click on Send
  5. Or you may click on 'Change to anyone with the link'.  
  6. Click on the dropdown and change the setting from Restricted to Anyone with the link.  
  7. Click on Done.
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  • 16-Dec-2021