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Creating User Accounts - (Using a Batch .CSV Template)

Creating users accounts is one of the first steps necessary when starting a school program in the Buzz LMS. Before beginning the process, administrators need to determine:

  • Does the school wish to use one of the three SSO integration options?
  • Who will be completing the user creation and student enrollment process? These individuals will need to have administrator privileges in the system.

Know the answers to the above questions before completing the process below.

Complete the steps below to review the user creation process.

  1. Download student information from your School Information System (SIS). This can speed up the population of the batch template later in the process.
  2. Populate the User_Creation_BatchTemplate file. Create one document for a given Domain of if subdomains are being used each Subdomain.
    1. Copy and paste student first and last name from student information previously downloaded from the School SIS.
    2. Enter user’s email. Although not a mandatory field it is suggested and allows for student teacher communication from within the platform, (delete column if not populating.)
    3. If SSO integration is being configured, copy and paste student’s present username and password into the appropriate columns.
    4. If SSO is not being used create a standard format for creation to assure all have unique usernames and secure but memorable passwords.
    5. Add an identifying External ID tag. This is not a mandatory field but can help you filter when searching and viewing reports at a later time, (delete column if not populating.)

A screenshot of sample batch template.

  1. Log in to Buzz with your administrator credentials. The URL is specific to your school’s domain and was provided following administrator training.
  2. Determine if users are to be imported into the school’s primary Domain or if the school program is using Subdomains. If subdomains are being used:
    1. Select the Subdomain tab.
    2. Select the desired Subdomain hyperlink into which the users are to be added.
  3. Select hamburger menu located in the upper left corner of the webpage.

Hambergur menu icon

  1. Select Users.
  2. Select three dot ellipsis ›› Import.

Admin ellipsis menu while viewing Domain or Subdomain users.

  1. Select CHOOSE ›› complete the upload process.

Import user screen - Choose option is on the right side of the screen.

  1. Select NEXT.
  2. Verify that no errors appear.

Screen shot with errors visible on import document.

    1. Cancel the Import screen if errors occur. Possible format errors include:
      1. Empty columns were not removed.
      2. Template was not saved as a .csv file.
    2. Select IMPORT if no errors occur.
  1. Duplicate the process to upload users to any additional Subdomains as needed.