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Submitting Courses for AP Approval

All of Accelerate Education's Advanced Placement courses have undergone a rigorous review by the College Board and have been approved to carry the AP designation. However, any district partner using an Accelerate AP course will need to independently seek approval through the College Board in order to transcript the course as an Advanced Placement course.

In order to do this, districts should submit each AP course through the district's AP Course Audit account, using the option to “claim identical” of an approved syllabus.  Districts should indicate the use of an Accelerate course by selecting Accelerate Education from a dropdown menu during the submission process. The AP Course Ledger updates each November, and at that point, all courses approved for Accelerate Education will be displayed.

Accelerate Education's school code changed as as of 2018. It is now #030682.  

If you need assistance in seeking approvals for your school, be sure your teachers have first created an account through the College Board and associated themselves with your school. The support number for College Board technical assistance is 1-877-274-3570, option 5 (for course audit).

Accelerate Educations’ approved Advanced Placement courses for SY 2019-20 are listed below, along with their associated approval numbers. (Please note that Accelerate may have more than one instance listed for some courses. The College Board requires each teacher seek his or her own course approval, but for the purpose of demonstrating our approval, we are listing only one syllabi and approval letter below for each course.) The approved course syllabi and College Board authorization letters for 2019-2020 are also linked below. 

Course Syllabus

Approval #

Authorization Letter

Biology (Online Course)

# 2427596v1

Authorization Letter

Calculus AB (Online Course)

# 2440063v1

Authorization Letter

Calculus BC (Online Course)

# 2440064v1

Authorization Letter

Chemistry (Online Course)

# 2447879v1

Authorization Letter

English Language and Composition (Online Course)

# 2438757v1

Authorization Letter

English Literature and Composition (Online Course)

# 2440005v1

Authorization Letter

European History (Online Course)

# 2418220v1

Authorization Letter

French Language and Culture (Online Course)

# 2439521v1

Authorization Letter

Physics 1 (Online Course)

# 2440065v1

Authorization Letter

Spanish Language and Culture (Online Course)

# 2431406v1

Authorization Letter

U.S. Government and Politics (Online Course)

# 2439607v1

Authorization Letter

United States History (Online Course)

# 2418221v1

Authorization Letter

World History: Modern (Online Course)

# 2439606v1

Authorization Letter

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  • 15-Dec-2021