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Choice Activities

Student choice activities can provide a powerful personalized-learning experience for students because students are presented with the ability to choose from a variety of activities and decide where they want to focus their energy.

Choice activities can be identified by the phrase Choose an Activity next to a "+" (plus sign) in the student's To-do List or in the course structure on the Course Home page.

Be aware that the associated drop box for a choice activity will not be accessible to the student (nor will the assignment appear in the grade book) until the student chooses from the available activity options. In order to select a choice activity, the student should click on the Choose an activity link to see their available options. From this screen, students may preview the available activity options, and then click on the corresponding Choose button once they have made their selection.

At this point, the selected assignment will display in the student's gradebook and the student will have access to the corresponding drop box.

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  • 15-Dec-2021